To Be Counted

by Michelle LeClair

Census: a usually complete enumeration of a population specifically; a periodic governmental enumeration of population. Federal censuses were constitutionally mandated beginning in 1790 and take place every 10 years.  Read More


Around The Arts & Entertainment World

by Jesse DeGroodt

The human species is nothing if not inventive. When the entire globe pretty much came to a screeching halt earlier this year, there were those who threw up their hands and set to hibernating for the duration, and there were those who got to work making the best of a disastrous situation. Read More


The Man in the White Suit

by Ned Depew

Another month, another benefit of the pandemic: getting to revisit classic movies I haven’t seen in 60 years! This month, it’s The Man in the White Suit, an Alec Guinness classic Ealing Studios comedy/drama from 1951. Read More


Vacation Destination’s Medical Legacy

by Charles Bonenti

Saranac Lake, NY—this North Country vacation destination known for hiking, fishing and skiing, was actually built upon a deadly disease. Between the 1880s and 1950s, Saranac Lake was a world center for the rest cure treatment of tuberculosis, a bacterial lung infection spread by coughing and sneezing. Symptoms were fever, fatigue and a wrenching, often bloody cough. At the time, it was a leading cause of death worldwide. Read More


Scenic Walks Around the Grounds

by Barbara Reina

While local museums and art galleries take time to safely reopen in response to COVID-19, there are many opportunities to stroll their grounds as a relaxing diversion and outdoor activity. Locally, a walk around the grounds can be a rediscovery of places to wander and enjoy a gentle breeze under a shady tree. Read More


Baby Learns Early

by Henry Meininger

The Power of Discord” is a new book by Dr. Ed Tronick and Dr. Claudia M. Gold. It is about early infancy. Read More