The Way We Are

by Henry Meininger

Next month we celebrate the Fourth of July. Independence Day. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, was also one of the Founding Fathers along with George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, James B. Madison and John Jay. Read More


Who Rocks It

by Barbara Peduzzi

Amid the bad news so prevalent these days, stories of people who want to help others have been a beacon across our area and country and around the world. I began to share these good deeds in Facebook posts, “Who Rocks It,” and these three started things off. Read More


Coronavirus Survival Guide #3

by Jesse DeGroodt

In the early days of the coronavirus crisis, for many there was a feel of an extended camping trip. A few months in, not so much, but in the meantime we can fill some of our spare moments with some delightful and innovative online programming that may never otherwise have seen the light of day. Read More


Les Quatre Cent Coups

by Ned Depew

In this unique time, a unique response. The current pandemic has closed movie theaters across the country, and in response production and distribution companies have postponed releases of completed films for anywhere from three to 12 months. Some films are being released streamed to video, to be watched on devices ranging from phones to 72-inch displays—not as “movies” in the traditional sense. In the absence of a new film that caught my interest, this month I’ve decided to revisit one of the classic films that inspired my first understandings of the true power and possibility of the medium. Read More


Farmers' Markets Return

by Barbara Reina

Farmers’ markets have been an enjoyable slice of local culture and tradition for many years. You may have fond memories of walking down that peaceful country road with the outdoor market in sight. As you get closer, you hear folk music being sung by a local favorite. You see children with painted faces and happy smiles crowded around tables filled with cupcakes and crafts. The hum of conversations among a crowd of local farmers, vendors, neighbors, tourists, family and friends gets louder as you arrive at the village green or market square⁠—the designated open area for this leisure outdoor community activity. Read More