The Way We Are

by Henry Meininger

The coronavirus pandemic reminds me of the story of Job. In pre-Biblical times, Job, a decent man, was stricken with all kinds of inexplicable trials and hardships. Yet, he never lost his faith in God. Is that what we are facing now? A test of our inner strength? Our ability to survive a plague that we do not understand? Read More


Highway Heroes

by Barbara Peduzzi

"Trucks! They’re big, noisy, get in the way on the highway and are scary when they pass in a rainstorm. Still, no one can dispute the slogan: “Without Trucks America Stops,” and that has been especially true during the COVID-19 crisis.  Read More


Coronavirus Survival Guide #2

by Jesse DeGroodt

Trying to make some lemonade here. Let’s look at our current situation as an opportunity, shall we? Read More


Sorry We Missed You

by Ned Depew

The new film from Ken Loach, with a screenplay from his frequent collaborator, Paul Laverty, is a respectful and honest tribute to the unquenchable determination of human beings to build a better world. Read More



by Barbara Reina

Teleconferencing, live video chats and telemedicine. Once the idealistic musings of futuristic novels and early morning cartoons, these methods of remote togetherness have become the norm in the days of the coronavirus. Read More